Advent Devotional Resources


"A Light Has Dawned" is a personal and household guide for Advent worship.  It is a daily devotional through the season of Advent from Misison Anabaino church planter Dan Herron at Hope Presbyterian Church in Bloomington, IN.  The entire story of the Bible is woven in with the strands of the themes of Advent.  We pray that this may be an encouragement for you and your family through this coming season. 



Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 12.34.24 PM"Journey to the Manger" is a daily Advent deotional from 12/2-12/25 in anticipation of the celebration of Christ's coming.  Each day, you will receive a daily devotional written by a Gordon-Conwell faculty member, helping you prepare for the celebration of Christmas. We hope you will join in this pivotal journey to the manger and rediscover God’s wondrous, unorthodox plan for leading us on a rags to riches story that ends on the throne of the Savior.