Missionary Encounters With Other Faiths

Should we share of Christian faith with those who already beleive in Islam or Hinduism?  Can we assert truth into a pluralistic culture? Join with us in exploring how to enter into dialogue with our friends and neighbors of other faiths.

This type of encounter can be intimidating! We often feel inadequate in our knowledge of other faiths or timid about claiming to have the truth. This series seeks to encourage us to strengthen us in our trust in the gospel, while learning about and even learning from those different from us.

A study like this is practical and relevant.  There are few areas in the world that can match New Haven's religious and cultural diversity.  In light of this, the class is not intended to be a mere academic exercise, but rather practical conversations with real people in mind.  These conversations were held in the summer of 2013 and  led by the pastoral staff.

June 26, 2013 A Christian View of Religion

July 3, 2013 A Point of Contact

July 17, 2013 Islam Encounter

July 24, 2013 Buddhism and Hinduism

July 31, 2013 Judaism Encounter

August 7, 2013 Posture of a Missionary Encounter

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