Current Training and Discipleship



The following two courses are offered concurrently during Adult Sunday Studies 9/16/18-12/16/18 from 10:30am-11:15am.  Children's Sunday School happens at the same time and nursery care is provided.


Christian Basics I: Apostles' Creed

This is a discussion course on the "essentials" of the Christian faith by way of explicating the Apostles' Creed.  Click here to enroll as part of our School of Discipleship!


Good News for Anxious Christians 

Have you ever struggled with "giving God control, finding God’s will, or letting God work”? We’ll look at why these “spiritual-ish” phrases in the Christian world can often be oppressive and manipulative, and how the biblical gospel sets us free from anxiety-inducing thoughts and habits with which we all struggle.  Click here to enroll as part of our School of Discipleship!  For the course page, click here.



The following two courses are offered concurrently during our Wednesday night School of Discipleship 9/5/18-12/5/18 (Confessional Theology will also continue in the spring). Bring your own meal beginning at 6pm and classes start at 6:30pm. There is no childcare.  Reference our calendar for specific School of Discipleship training dates.


Confessional Theology 

Rather than doing theology from scratch, we utilize the rich tradition of interpretation found throughout church history and expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith. This class is a core requirement for teachers/leaders but open to all.  Click here to enroll as part of our School of Discipleship!  For the course page, click here.


Missionary Encounters with Neighbors 

A study like this is practical and relevant in addressing how to enter into a dialogue with friends and neighbors of other faiths. This series seeks to encourage us and strengthen us in our trust in the gospel, while learning about, and even learning from, those different from us.  Click here to enroll as part of our School of Discipleship!  For the course page, click here.


Parenting Conference (11/2-3)

Parenting is an exhilarating, exhausting, terrifying, humbling and sacred calling from God. While there is no shortage of parenting advice today, much of it can leave us guilt-ridden and fearful. This conference isn’t designed to point out what we are doing wrong or add to an already long to-do list. Rather, it is intended to lead us back to the role God has called us to as parents. We will cover practical topics like technology’s place in the home, character and identify formation, and interaction with our culture, but all within the framework of leading our children in Christ. The two-day conference is open to all parents or future parents. We hope you will leave equipped, encouraged, and connected with other parents.  Click here for the webpage.


Men's and Women's Discipleship Groups

These groups are a great opportunity for men and women to build strong relationship while being challenged in their faith. They work in addition to, not instead of, Community Groups.  




Community Groups

We have Community Groups all over the greater New Haven area. These groups are our way of doing church in the small with all sorts of people engaged in prayer, teaching, fellowship and care. They are the vehicle that we use to help its participants continue to experience Christ outside of our worship gatherings and to impart the pastoral care that Christ provides through the love of His people.