School of Discipleship

Course Offerings

CPC's School of Discipleship offers four areas of study that we will offer over a four or five year period. These classes represent a balanced spiritual diet for every disciple of Christ at every step of his or her journey. Core classes will be offered more regularly and cover the essentials of each area. We are constantly creating new electives which supplement the core and address important topics.

Click here to view the 2016-17 course catalogue for current offerings and a full listing. 


Diploma Program

The Diploma Program is a way to keep track of the training you have received. It is intended to encourage those who make it through, as well as to qualify leaders at CPC. We also recognize that many members spend only a few years in New Haven. The diploma can also help show other churches the type of classes and training you have had here.  Three diplomas are offered and their requirements can be found in the School of Discipleship catalogue:

School of Discipleship Diploma

Teacher/Leader Diploma

Shepherd Leader Diploma



You may register for any of the current classes as well as enroll in any of the Diploma Programs.  Contact our administrator to register.