Servant Leaders

Servant Leadership Board

Kevin Nelson (co-moderator)

Evan Finch (co-moderator)

Gary Wininger

David Boyer

Heather Woolbert

Meg Bogue

Patty Gantenbein

Rog Huitink

Cameron Costen

Arnie Monahan

Brad Conant 

Stacy Roney 

Amy Rathbun 

Josh Kebabian 

Faith Ham 

Tara Brown


Servant Leader Teams

(SLB oversight, pastoral contact in parentheses)

Building: Arnie Monahan (Kevin)

Nursery: Tara Brown (Kevin)

Café: Cameron Costen (Kevin)

Welcome Team: Meg Bogue  and Stacy Roney (Kevin)

Integration Team: Amy Rathbun (Kevin)

Audio/Visual: Gary Wininger (Kevin)

Fellowship and Special Events: Patty Gantenbein and Faith Ham (Kevin)

Mercy: Rog Huitink (Preston, session)

Worship Administration: Evan Finch (Kevin)

Graduate and Professionals Ministry Liaison: Josh Kebabian

Special Projects Coordinator:* Brad Conant (Kevin)

Tech Team:* Christopher Battista (Preston, staff)

Library:* Robert Leishman (Kevin)

Décor:* Elisa Billings (Preston, staff)

Cleaning:* Paul Wildey (Kevin)

Van:* Paul Wildey (Kevin)

*These are ad hoc teams accountable to the SLB.


Ministry Leaders

(session oversight)

Music Team: Emily Boyer/Trevor Babb

Men’s Ministry: Alan Phillips

Women’s Ministry: Diane Miller

Children’s Ministry: Heather Woolbert

Youth Ministry: Aaron Rathbun

College Ministry: Craig Luekens

Graduate/Young Professionals Ministry: Kevin Nelson

Young Family Coordinator: Julie Bruce

Community Group Leaders: Kevin Nelson


Finance Team

Finance Team Leader: Alan Phillips (Preston, session)

Treasurer: Joshua Bird (under Finance Team)

Bookkeeper: Janine Lempke (Preston, session)


Goatville Coordinators

Senior Pastor: Rev. Preston Graham

Lead Pastor: Rev. Craig Luekens

Worship Director: Colin Meyer

Nursery and Kids: Enoch Chang

Social Chair: Rachel Glodo, Enoch Chang (assistant)

Well: Tyler Rice

Audio/Visual: Sean Bland

Welcome/Hospitality: Jessica Hernandez

Sanctuary Set-Up: Jessica Hernandez

Interns: Sean Bland


Sunday School Teachers

2-3’s Class (Reading room off of Fellowship Hall, basement)

Teachers: Laura Smith and Fran Onofrio

4’s-K Class (Basement of Study Center, Suite #1 )

Teachers: Sheila Tarantino and Elena Gerard

1st-2nd Grade Class (Conference Room, 2nd floor Study Center)

Teachers: Whitney Hancock and Bill Phinney

3rd-4th Grade Class (Lecture Room, 1st floor Study Center)

Teachers: Caroline Misarski and Julie Walker

5th-6th Grade Class (Middle Room, 2nd floor Study Center)

Teachers: Hannah Chen and Christie Nelson

7th-8th Grade Class (Senior Pastor’s Reading Room, 2nd floor Study Center)

Teachers: Cliff Bogue and Patrick Kelly

High School Class (High School Room, 2nd floor of Study Center)

Teachers: Katie Levesque and Aaron Rathbun