9:30am Whitney

A Spirit-filled liturgical, dynamic and joyful, musically traditional and contemporary experience of grace-centered worship with weekly communion.

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Sample Sermon

At Christ Presbyterian Church we take the worship of God seriously as we believe corporate worship is essential to the Christian life and is prescribed in scripture. Our goal is to glorify and enjoy God through a liturgical service of worship in which we seek to have a basis in scripture for every aspect of our Sunday worship. Simply stated, the theology that drives our worship is "God speaks (through his word), we respond (through song, confession, our giving and prayers etc.)".

In the morning service, we continually strive to find a balance between longstanding hymn favorites and songs that reflect a more contemporary musical language, yet meet the standards of theological richness found in the older hymns. We blend these two elements in our worship and seek to conscientiously foster an atmosphere of grace as related to different musical preferences.

After worship stay for sermon discussion or other Sunday studies opportunities followed by a catered lunch.

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For more on our theology of worship, see handout from our Theology class.

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